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What Is Depression And What Can Cause Depression

What Is Depression And What Can Cause Depression? Introduction

Many people describe depression as a severe case in which someone feels extreme inadequacy, and feels useless within themselves the majority of the time. It can be a mental condition that can result in a lack of goals, desire and motivation and in the long-term can eventually lead to a loss of interest in what life has to offer. Many people with depression usually seek medical advice, and this can then lead to counseling support, or chemical support (anti-depressants).

What Does Depression Do?
Depression can rule a person’s life once they are convinced/diagnosed with the condition. It can affect confidence, trust, beliefs and can completely interfere with lifelong goals. However, many people have different ways in dealing with depression. Many see depression as a lifelong condition in which they will never overcome, normally due to the negativity accompanied with the condition.

Can Depression Be Treated?
Depression itself can be assisted with treatments such as counseling. This is usually what happens before any chemical treatment is used (before anti-depressants). Usually it consists of the individual discussing their problems and feelings in order to establish a focal point for improvement.

Depression is difficult to treat with just counseling alone as many people have a low mood and a very low outlook on life as a whole due to self esteem and confidence issues.

Many doctors have chosen to treat MDD (major depressive disorder) with anti-depressants. Anti-depressants help to balance out the chemicals and hormones released in the brains to help boost the individuals moods, and almost numb their feelings in hope of a sense of improvement.

Anti-depressants come with many different strengths and usually are given over a period of a few months in order to get the best results. Most doctors do not tend to prescribe anti-depressants unless they are extremely depressed and therefore feel that counseling would not be beneficial for that particular individual.

Can Depression Be Cured?
Depression is normally an underlying problem that spirals into other problems. MDD is usually discussed as a mood disorder, and therefore it is a way the person thinks which causes the depression. However, this is due to no fault of the individual. Depression is normally accompanied by self esteem issues, motivation issues, bipolar personality symptoms and much more.

Depression cannot always be cured, but normally with most individual cases it is normally just a spell in which is as a result of external influences (for example a bad break up, redundancy, divorce etc.) and usually it passes when positive things happen again.

However, depression can be controlled to a certain extent and kept under control via the use of counseling sessions with a psychiatrist or via the use of medication which is regularly taken to lighten moods.

Depression cannot always be helped, and is not always identified as depression straight away. Many individuals may feel down in the dumps and mistake this for depression, however we all feel down sometimes and this may just be as a result of bad things happening at that present time.

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