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What Never Changes In Search Engine Optimization

What Never Changes In Search Engine Optimization Over the last few years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has undergone some drastic changes with people scrambling in panic as they saw their rankings drop on Google. But it’s really not that bad overall.

While there are people who had their websites lose their rankings on Google, some website owners didn’t and the amazing thing is that their websites actually moved up the search engines. So, what gives? Well, the website owners that surfed on Google’s changes rather than drowned in them understood something that other website owners didn’t. They understood the basics. And what are these basics in SEO? Read below to know.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are search engines and earn their money by providing relevant content to people who are searching for specific things online. Thus, no matter what you do (and no matter what black hat SEO marketers are saying), great content will always remain king. Thus, whatever you do, always build content that is relevant to your website. Publish great relevant content and publish it often, because one factor in the algorithm of search engines is how often a website updates its content and how relevant the content is.

Ideally, you should be publishing three posts per day. If that seems a lot, it is, especially if you’re maintaining hundreds of websites.

But really, you don’t have to write your own content. You can curate content or get content from other websites (text, pictures, and videos) and then add a few paragraphs here and there while linking to the source of your content. Curating content has proven to be an effective method of getting the search engines to spider your content.

Because of some changes in Google’s algorithm, some people have dismissed backlinks as useless in getting ranked. But this thought is counterproductive. Backlinks still do matter, however, rather than quantity, the quality of the links matter more. Links from websites that are related to yours (for example, an information website on forex trading linking out to a review site on forex robots) will always count, no matter what so-called SEO experts might say.

Another factor that Google is taking into consideration is your user experience. If your website visitors are staying on your website, doing things here and there, that will help in getting your websites ranked.

A profile on Google plus one will not hurt either. Simply create a Google Plus account and link it to it from your website. Make sure that you set the relationship of the link to “author” because it will show to Google that you are a real person.

In all, SEO is something that you consider doing if you want to make Internet Marketing seriously. Websites that are ranked are Google benefit from becoming a trusted website. Thus, when you get ranked on Google, it will be easier to recommend products to people.

Even with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, some things have not changed and these basics will never change for as long as search engines remain search engines.

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