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Where I Want To Travel

Where I Want To Travel This world is truly amazing and there are so many places I would love to travel to. I do not have the money to do so right now but I love to dream. Someday I will make it to all of these places.

I would love to go to Germany. My Grandmother is German and I would love to see where she was born. I want to drink German beer and go to a fest. I would also like to see a few castles. I have heard they are amazing.

While I am visiting Germany I would also like to go to Italy. I want to visit Rome and see everything. I have heard it is lovely. I would hope to be able to tour the Roman Colosseum.

I would also like to visit Turkey. I want to see the ruins and explore the countryside. I heard it is just beautiful. I would like to talk to some of the locals and hear about their lives.

I want to go to Egypt and see the great Pyramids. I think that would be a wonderful trip. I can only imagine what it would be like to see them in person. I bet it would feel surreal.

I hope to visit Japan someday. When I was growing up we had foreign exchange students from there and we have stayed in touch. I would love to visit them in their own home and learn more about their lives.

I would like to visit Hawaii as well. I have never been and I think it would be a nice trip. I would want to go to Oahu and Maui for my first visit. While I am there I would want to make sure that I would go to a luau.

I would also like to go to California. I have always wanted to visit but it has never worked out. I want to go to Hollywood, the beach and see the Redwoods. I have heard they are really big and quite amazing to see in person.

The last place I would like to go is New York City. It sounds like such a different place than where I am from. There is so much to do there and so much to see. I would want to go to Central Park and see a Broadway show or two.

I have been able to travel in the past and I really have enjoyed it. I have already been to three countries. I love seeing different cultures and visiting places I have only seen in books.

I think I got my love of travel from my Dad. He used to go all over the place. I grew up looking at all of the photos he took over the years. He truly lived a very cultured life.

When you travel you open your mind to a different way of living. Everyone should travel a few times in their life. There are just so many benefits when you do.

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