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Why Good Marketing Techniques Really Work

Why Good Marketing Techniques Really Work Have you ever noticed how you are drawn to some people more than to others? When you look at it closely, the reason is often because they are people who are interested in you and not just themselves. They are also the kind of people who react to situations with praise instead of harsh words. That is certainly true with Internet marketers. People are drawn to others who care about the needs of others. In fact, showing a concern for others is a good marketing technique that really works.

By saying that showing concern for others is a good marketing technique I am not implying that the concern is hypocritical. In fact, the more real the concern, the more successful the marketing efforts of that individual will be. Let me tell a brief story to illustrate.

I belong to a couple of Internet marketing forums. For one I have to pay a monthly fee to belong. Do I resent that? No, I pay it gladly. Why? Because the person who owns the site understands other Internet marketers. He understands the problems they face and he literally works hard to help us solve those problems. He recognizes that his site, which I am sure provides him with a nice income, has to be his main focus.

By that I mean that he is not out trying to sell a lot of products on other sites. He is a professional and he treats his business like a professional. As a result, I know that he personally cares about me. I know he makes money off of me — but then so does my doctor and my dentist, and they both also want me healthy and well.

Because this marketer shows the same concern as these other professionals, I know the information he gives me is not tainted because he stands to make a buck off some product he wants to sell me. This is good marketing. He is providing information and I am willing to pay for it. There is no slight of hand and no smoke and mirrors.

Compare that to another marketer that I followed when I was new to this business. I liked something I read on his website and so joined his list. Immediately he started sending me two to three emails every day — each one trying to sell me a different product that he personally endorsed. Now there is no way he was using all these products, and it was obvious no one needed them all. It became clear to me my interests were not his interests and I quickly unsubscribed from his list.

Will I buy something that someone recommends to me? Sure I will. But only if I know the person recommending it really believes it will help me.

How many Internet marketers truly do that? The successful ones pretty much all do.

If you remember that you must first care about the people who read your blog posts and visit your websites — and if you give them information they need and want — then you will have developed good marketing techniques that really work.

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