Why Successful Hair Loss Treatment Requires a Trained Specialist

Why Successful Hair Loss Treatment Requires a Trained Specialist Professionals who specialize in hair loss and hair restoration are known as trichologists. It is not a common practice, so most people are not even aware these professionals exist. There are also general practitioners and other hair care professionals who can try and help you when you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. This was written to help you determine the type of professional you want to help you with problems related to your hair.

There are over 50 different types of hair loss. Unless someone has very specialized in this field it is not likely they will be able to correctly diagnose the precise cause of hair loss. Trichologists must go to school for four years and their course studies focus strictly on the hair, including the causes and treatment of hair loss. They will not only be able to diagnose your condition, they will be able to help you find treatment options that will really work.

The most important part of treating hair loss is making an accurate diagnosis of the cause. Each type of hair loss needs to be treated differently. That’s why seeing a specialist is so critical for success.

Due to their extensive training, trichologists are able to help people with both scalp and hair problems. Normally during your initial consultation, they will ask you about your diet and your lifestyle — both of which can affect your hair. After an examination, they will determine the best course of treatment.

People that go to cosmetology schools usually have training in hair loss but it is abbreviated. As a result, they will not always be able to identify the specific reasons for hair loss. When they do offer advice it is usually somewhat generic. If you want an accurate diagnosis, you really need to see a pro.

General practitioners also receive training in the hair and scalp — but their training is limited to a few courses, not four years of dedicated study. Since trichologists are not able to prescribe medication, they often have to work directly with a physician. Many doctors will have a difficult time working with a trichologist unless they concur with his or her diagnosis. That is why it is often good to see the physician that your trichologist recommends. Generally, they will have experience working together and will trust one another.

Do some research before choosing your trichologist. Since this is not a common practice, check the licensing requirements in your state. Most countries have at least one school for this specialty, but it will be up to you to verify that the professional you choose has had the required training.

When you are losing your hair you don’t have the time nor the money to waste on expensive and useless treatments. Since success depends on treating your specific case, getting an accurate diagnosis is key.

You don’t have to continue to lose hair. When you follow the suggestions in this article you should be able to find a trained, qualified professional to help you overcome your hair loss.

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