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Why Write a Blog

Why Write a Blog? Blogging has become widespread today and you can find thousands upon thousands of blogs online. Some of these blogs are written by businesses that want the readers to learn more about what they do. Others are instructional and provide information about specific topics. Still, others are just fun blogs written by people who like to share their ideas and thoughts.

Have you thought about writing a blog? Do you have a business that you would like to promote? For instance, let’s say you are a landscaper. You might write a blog post twice a week on landscaping tips. A good idea is to include photos that you have taken yourself to show how you accomplish something step-by-step. Readers looking for information love blog posts that are illustrated and outline for them exactly how to accomplish a task.

Do you write books or short stories? There are many frustrated authors out there who are very talented but find it difficult to get their work published. Perhaps you could share your stories on your blog about how you write, what you have done to try and find an agent, and perhaps stories about other writers you have met. Include samples of your work and invite comments from your readers.

Or maybe you just like to write about your day to day routine. While people don’t really want to know about where you had lunch or what time you got home, many would like to hear stories about raising children, funny stories, getting over illnesses, etc. If you live in some unique area of the country like on a cattle ranch or in a fishing village, include local flavor in your blog posts. And always include lots of photos that you took yourself.

Remember that people like to have two-way conversations. No one wants to be in a conversation that is all about the other person. It is nice when others ask you and your family, too. So be sure to end each blog post with an invitation to leave a comment. And when someone is kind enough to leave a comment, be sure to answer them right away! This interaction is one of the most important ways your blog will gain a following.

Now that you have a blog up, how will others find out about it? One good way is by going into Facebook groups and online forums that are built around the same subject as your blog. Be sure to leave lots of comments and get into lively discussions. After you have been in the group a while let people know about your blog, but don’t overly promote it.

Another idea is to find other people’s blogs that are based on subjects similar to yours and go in and make comments on their posts. Again, be a good online citizen and give good comments. Many of these blogs will allow you to leave a link as part of your signature.

Blogging can be great fun as well as a good way to promote a business or make contacts. If you haven’t started a blog, why not consider it?

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