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Blogging And People Blogging offers such a diversity of appeal. Hobbyists, professional writers, reviewers, businesses, even those writing a “diary” online can experience a lot of joy as a blogger.

Websites that act as blogging platforms, such as WordPress, blogger, and countless others, have made the process so simple that literally anybody with an internet connection can become a blogger overnight.

The strange thing though is I would guess that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who would like to blog, who would get great benefit out of blogging, but they don’t have the know-how to do it. Or rather, they think they don’t know-how.

I think a lot of people still perceive the intricacies of the Internet as a mystery. Even though the average person knows that the average blog site is simple and easy to run, they assume it is not for them. There must be SOME knowledge required. Well, there is a little, but that knowledge is learned easily enough “on the job”.

I didn’t really know how to write until I started, the same is true for blogging.

You can just take a look at how often people update Facebook Statuses, send long e-mails to friends, how much time they spend glued to their computer or smartphone and you will see that the masses of blogs already out there online are only a small fraction of what could be achieved.

People love interacting, and they love engaging, but I think when it comes down to it, even if they can get over the perceived lack of knowledge, most people prefer to observe, watch, and listen than stand up and be the voice.

That is essentially what blogging is. Being the voice. It needn’t be politically, racially, or socially motivated, but either way, when you put your words out there and hit the publish button, you are being a voice.

Even if five bored family members are the only ones who read it, you are still a voice. Many people can’t handle that kind of exposure and would worry too much about what people think of them.

I think there is a fear too that nobody would read it. Those who want to blog for financial purposes might go ahead and get themselves educated in how to get your blog seen, but the average food reviewer, hobbyist, or similar doesn’t have the time or patience to learn that, and concludes that if nobody is going to read their blog, then what’s the point?

It is a shame that something which is so fundamental in our lives, which is going to be around for thousands of years (until replaced by something better), and something that connects people all over, finds answers and offers information like never before in the world, and generally makes the world go round, is still so little understood by the average Joe.

Blogging might only represent one small aspect of the Internet, but imagine if everybody in the world had their own blog? Now wouldn’t THAT be an interesting read?

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