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Blogging Success Starts With One Simple Item

Blogging Success Starts With One Simple Item Creating a successful blog is not as hard as you believe. One core secret that everyone tries to ignore would make his or her blog successful is usually overlooked. The problem is most people do not want to apply this secret. It is time to dig into the one thing that will make or break your blog.

The secret is a daily commitment. How often do you post articles on your blog? If you are not posting daily your chances of success are very limited. I can already hear the complaints starting. What am I going to write about every day? My blog is limited in scope, so why would I blog daily? I do not have time to write daily. Those are all excuses that lead to failure.

Why do you post daily? Google rewards freshness on your blog is the first reason. When you update your blog daily, Google indexes your site more frequently and gives you adding ranking points for having new content. That means you get more people seeing your posts in the search engines and more traffic to your site.

Daily blogging does something else, too. Since you are writing daily you start creating content that covers a wider variety of keyword phrases in your niche. You can do this on purpose by doing additional keyword research or you can just write naturally about your topic. As you relax and write more about your topic, you automatically add more phrases. This leads to more listings in the search engines and being listed for long-tail keywords. Once again, this leads to more traffic to your site.

Part of your daily commitment is to share your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. This takes about 5 minutes to do if you have set up social media sharing buttons on your blog. If you have not set up sharing buttons, take a few minutes to install one of the great plug-ins that make sharing easy for you and your readers. You can share on more sites than the ones we mentioned, but that should be the core group. Create a belief that you have not completed your blog post until you finish sharing it.

Imagine the power of writing 365 blog posts in one year. Picture how powerful all of those social media backlinks are going to be for ranking your site. Envision the effect of having hundreds of new long-tail keywords on your site that you had never tried to rank for in the past. This level of focus on creating a deep blog that people enjoy is what creates the success you want. Now, let me step back for a moment to give you some additional advice.

The days of creating blogs that are laser-focused for a single phrase are over. It is time to embrace the idea of writing to a market. This expands the subjects you can cover on your blog and helps you reach a deeper audience. You can still focus on particular keywords by using category pages, tags, and on-page SEO. The key to successful blogging is very simple. Produce more content and do it on a daily basis. If you follow that piece of advice for a full year, you will be shocked at the amount of traffic you generate.

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