Deal With Hair Loss Naturally With These Exotic Tips

Deal With Hair Loss Naturally With These Exotic Tips Today western medicine has come up with lots of spectacular ways to deal with hair loss. You can have surgery, use hair growing creams and potions, or take pharmaceutical medications to help you grow hair. Unfortunately, all of these solutions can have serious side effects. Any surgery comes with risks, and all pharmaceutical options bring along the chance of negative side effects that can be much worse than lack of hair. In this article, we will explore some age-old natural solutions from the far east. Read on to learn how you can treat your hair loss problems naturally without fear of side effects.

Your hair may be dry, brittle, and breaking off rather than falling out. Try treating yourself to a hot oil treatment before shampooing once weekly. Just a little light, natural oil gently warmed and massaged into the scalp will moisturize both your scalp and your hair. This encourages new hair growth and makes existing hair stronger. Simply place a tablespoon or two of oil (coconut and olive oil are both goods) in a small glass or metal container. Place this in a larger bowl containing hot water. Allow the oil to warm to a comfortable temperature and then massage it gently into your scalp and stroke it through your hair. Cover your head with a warm towel for about fifteen minutes and shampoo as usual.

You can also stimulate more blood circulation to your scalp by using pungent herbs such as fresh ginger or the oil of onions and garlic. You can simply add a few drops of these herbs to your oil treatment for added effect. Remember to also consume these types of herbs along with hot herbs such as chilies, curry, cinnamon, and more. All of these types of herbs thin the blood, increase blood circulation, and improve your general health.

In addition to the self-massage you do when you apply your hot oil treatment, try indulging in a professional scalp massage occasionally. Find a cosmetologist or masseuse who offers all-natural treatments, and ask if you could get a scalp massage that incorporates aromatherapy. This is a great treatment that will increase blood circulation to the scalp and help you reduce your stress level. We all know that stress can make your hair fall out. Relieving stress will help it grow back. Some good aromatherapy choices for scalp massage include lavender and bay.

Eat well, sleep well, and stay well hydrated. Look into other ways to relieve stress and relax. Be sure to get plenty of exercises every day and take some time for yourself to rest, rejuvenate, meditate, and/or practice a little yoga every day. You will be amazed at the difference just fifteen minutes to half an hour of time to yourself listening to music and simply decompressing will make. You will look and feel better in every way, and you may very well see an increase in the hair on your head. Even if you do not, you will not feel so stressed about it!

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