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Effective Tips for Getting Your Site Prepared for Mobile Marketing

Effective Tips for Getting Your Site Prepared for Mobile Marketing It took a while for businesses to recognize of the small mobile screen on a smart phone or cell phone has enough valuable real estate to generate greater profits for the company. Although the screen is much smaller than a traditional monitor on a computer or laptop, it still contains enough area to display important messages. The screen is even large enough that the message can be fully displayed without the need of zooming or scrolling on a small hand-held mobile device.

Preparing your site for your mobile marketing strategy campaign requires the need to remove any huge file, or extra, undesired copy. If your online visitors need to wait very long for a page to load, or if they are not able to locate the information they are seeking quickly, they will often leave the site, without ever viewing the mobile marketing message.

The easiest way any business can get ready and prepared for their mobile marketing strategy is to redesign their website to handle a mobile screen. The newly developed mobile-friendly version works better when designed solely around HTML. This might require the need to hire a developer that is highly fluent in the programming language. However, Google Mobile Optimizer is effective software that can help the company quickly transform their original website into a simple mobile version.

Adding text that is designed specifically for mobile technology is essential. You will need to write mobile-friendly content that will be included in your mobile version. Keep this highly valuable content very short, and consider delivering the message using scan-able bullet points instead of large paragraphs. Reading paragraphs on a mobile screen tends to be extremely challenging, and visitors often miss viewing the mobile marketing message altogether.

Make sure that any graphics displayed is small enough in design that it can quickly load. Mobile technology typically loads pages at a much slower pace than the traditional laptop or desktop computer. Anytime the viewer needs to wait for a significant amount of time for the page to load, he or she will likely just leave the site, and never view the marketing message.

Instead of just abandoning your full version website to the mobile user, consider offering the user the ability to choose between the mobile version, and the full version as soon as they arrive at the site. This provides the opportunity where every visitor can quickly become familiar with the site that they enjoy, to obtain only essential information they are seeking. Realize that much of the valuable information was likely cut when creating the mobile version and the user could become quickly frustrated in the process, when they are not able to locate the data they want.

It is important to use all of the effective bells and whistles to the mobile site. However, it does not mean to overload the page. Anytime the visitor needs to page and zoom, or scroll just to get to the call to action, they might avoid it altogether.

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