Foods That Can Help To Prevent Hair Loss

Foods That Can Help To Prevent Hair Loss Whether you are concerned with making your trip to the barbershop, or just starting to see more strands of hair in your shower drain, there are foods that you can eat to help with the prevention of hair loss. Even if you are genetically predisposed, these foods can help you keep a healthy scalp that hopefully stays hairy.

Eggs, beans, and fish are rich in protein. Since hair is also primarily made up of protein, it seems logical to provide it with the protein that it needs. Stick to the leaner proteins like almonds, chicken, low-fat cheese, beans, eggs, and yogurt. The leaner meats such as fish provide many health benefits versus eating a high-fat steak that can lead to increased testosterone levels which have been linked to hair loss.

Raisins help to play a key role in helping our bodies manufacture hemoglobin. This is the part of the blood that helps to carry oxygen throughout your body’s tissues and organs. Oxygen is properly dispersed throughout your body when your hemoglobin levels are healthy and normal.

This in turn provides a good flow of blood to your scalp, which in turn helps to stimulate and promote your hair growth. This does not mean that you have to eat iron-rich liver every day. However, if you are craving something that is sweet, dried fruits such as cherries and raisins are full of iron.

Foods such as dates, whole grain cereals, and dark green leafy vegetables all provide high iron content. Also, remember that vitamin C helps to improve the body’s absorption of iron, so be sure to eat fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and lemons to help stay balanced.

Hair loss is also associated with zinc deficiencies. Zinc helps to play a major role in the functions of your body from hormonal balance to cell reproduction. Zinc also manages the glands that are attached to your hair follicles. If you have a low level of zinc, the follicles will become weak. This in turn causes strands of hair to either break-off or fall out.

Zinc-rich foods such as shrimp, muscles, poultry, oysters, and nuts should be an important part of your diet. It is always better to take in minerals and nutrients from the foods that we eat versus taking a supplement. Be careful not to take in too high a level of zinc because it can have an adverse effect.

Try to stay away from greasy foods. They are one of the biggest culprits for causing hair loss. If you have a craving for fries and a burger, slice up and season some potato wedges yourself, and cook a burger to go along with them. This will be a much healthier choice as well as satisfy your cravings.

Your overall health, as well as the health of your hair, will greatly benefit from consuming a balanced diet. Concentrating on eating foods that contain iron, protein, and zinc will help to slow down your hair loss experience.

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