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How I Use Mobile Marketing

How I Use Mobile Marketing Learning Internet marketing has turned me into and opportunist. No, I am not the type of person who take advantage of people, but being in this field has taught me how to look for opportunities to earn money. I am always surveying the landscape for money making opportunities that I pounce on. I like to think of myself as a marketing warrior who is always going to war against other marketers and Google! One area that I was pretty much first in is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is now all the rave and everyone is offering some sort of mobile marketing product or service.

Most of the guys who are in the mobile marketing sphere run SEO companies and they are added it as a package to their clients. This is smart and beneficial to their clients but I do it differently. I use mobile marketing mostly for find leads for service based companies.

As an opportunistic marketing warrior, I saw a need that was waiting to be filled. There are dozens of industries who could benefit from mobile marketing. I don’t sell it or use it like the SEO guys but I use it as a means to do direct sales.

Instead of sending canvassers door to door, my guys pinpoint zip and area codes and send out offers to customers. We have found that this is not only easier that stomping the pavement, it is also more lucrative. What would take a crew 3 months to do, we can do within a week. We are able to contact thousands of people at one time and allow the law of averages to work in our favor. If we target enough people we will make sales. Our sales come faster and with less work than they use to.

The true power of our system is that we have a killer mobile marketing list. We have a database that allows us to market based on a hard set list of criteria. We can pinpoint ages, sex and location. We can pinpoint the time at which the customer base will be most receptive to us.

This way of mobile marketing is far superior to anything else that is out there. Not only are we doing lead generation for small businesses, we are also sending out affiliate offers to our list.

With mobile marketing, our open rate is much higher than with email marketing. Our click through rate, impressions and conversion rate are also hire. People are always on their cellphone and that makes it easier to contact them.

As you can see, mobile marketing has a lot of possibilities. To make the most money from this arena, you should think outside the box. Create your own unique marketing strategies around mobile, and do not blindly follow the crowd. Instead of jumping in when the waters are crowded, work on creating your own specific niche within the mobile marketing sphere. That is what we have done to great benefit.

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