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How to Get Other People to Read Your Blog

How to Get Other People to Read Your Blog Have you been writing a blog for some time now but can’t seem to get anyone to read it? That is a common problem. In fact, many people that are not familiar with the world of the Internet just expected to write a blog and have millions of people instantly flock to it. Sadly that is not the case. Just how can you get other people to read your blog?

One helpful suggestion is to learn a bit about search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO techniques, when done properly, will help get your blog listed in search engines, such as Google. We can’t discuss all the tricks here, but one suggestion is to make each blog post about a single subject.

For instance, if you are writing about your child’s first day of school, keep your article focused on that subject. Use those words in the title of your post. Name your article something like Taking Your Kids to Their First Day of School” instead of: “Billy’s First Day.” The reason is to let the search engines like Google know what your article. This will help them find it and list it when people do searches related to their kid’s first day of school. You might also be sure to include your title phrase once or twice in your article.

Another good way to get readers to your blog is to join Facebook groups or Internet forums that are built around similar subjects. For instance, if your blog is about raising your kids, find Facebook groups on kids and families. Introduce yourself to the group and then start commenting right away. Make sure you comment on other people’s posts and offer suggestions, tell stories, etc. Get to know members in these groups well before you mention that you have a blog.

Once you do mention your blog, don’t oversell it. Mention it in passing. You might say something like: “That was a good experience. Something similar happened to Billy, my six-year-old. In fact, I recently wrote about it in my blog.” Then you can give a link. Do that only once every 20 or 30 comments you make — don’t overdo it.

And while we are at it, if other people leave links to their blogs, go and read their posts and comment on those, too! In fact, you can search for other blogs on subjects similar to yours and go in and leave comments about things they have written. Be a good online citizen and give good comments that show you are really in tune with the subject. Many blogs will let you leave a link in the signature line.

Another suggestion is to develop an email list. Ask people to join your list so you can advise them when you write a new post. You might even have something to give them if they join. One successful blogger posts a word game on her blog each week. Folks who join her email list get the answers immediately — others have to wait until the next week’s post.

If you have a blog it can be frustrating when no one comes to read it. These suggestions should prove helpful in getting people to come and visit your blog.

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