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How to Write a Successful Blog

How to Write a Successful Blog If you have a blog, you know how difficult it can be to get people to notice it. Many have tried and failed, while others have been wildly successful. You would do well to take note of those successful bloggers, determine what exactly it is that makes their blogs stand out, and emulate them.

One thing I’ve noticed is that successful blogs have a theme. Having a theme can help in several ways. It draws in “birds of a like feather.” People seek out others who share their passion for a subject. Nathan Bransford, for instance, of blogs about writing. He was formerly a literary agent and, as such, had built up quite a following. His blog focused on good writing tips, how to get an agent, how to write a query letter and the like. Even though he is no longer in that field, he continues writing this blog and every entry gets pages and pages of comments.

One key reason is that he keeps it simple. He is down to earth and appears to really care about his readers. Any aspiring blogger would do well to keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is to write about something you know. You need credibility and if readers see that you are just making it up, or “borrowing” from other blogs, they’re not going to stick with you for long. You can quote from other blogs all you want. You can also have guest bloggers so long as you have established some credibility.

Honesty is also important. If you aren’t an expert on something, be upfront to your readers about that. In fact, invite them to comment on their own experiences and knowledge on the subject. Reader comments will help put your blog on the map. You might do a blog on your own explorations or efforts to learn more on a subject. For instance, if you’ve written a book, you might share your experiences as you strive to get published.

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie, JULIE, AND JULIA. This began as a blog as a woman attempted to go through Julia Child’s first cookbook page by page, trying each of the recipes. The blog had such a following it went viral and even inspired a movie!

Plenty of visual stimulation draws in readers too. Think pictures, pictures, PICTURES!

A great example of this is Ree Drummond’s blog: She did it so successfully it morphed into several bestselling books, her own television show on THE FOOD NETWORK, and a movie option! Now that’s a success! Besides employing all the suggestions in the above paragraphs, Ree let her own spirit shine through. People are drawn to the genuineness of her personality, her sense of humor, and her love of family. Her blog is about her life on a cattle ranch with her husband, “Marlboro Man” and her four children. She cooks and photographs the results step by step, and she homes schools. She has literally millions of readers.

Just remember: be yourself, talk about interesting things (in the right hands, even the mundane can be interesting. Jerry Seinfeld builds a successful career in comedy on the mundane), have a sense of humor – and incorporate lots of pictures. Now, what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

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