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I’ m Getting Into Mobile Marketing

I’m Getting Into Mobile Marketing I am getting into mobile marketing. I see so much promise in this area. I read in an article that almost everyone on earth has a cellphone that is if you just count the number of people on earth and the amount of phones that are made. Also, with these smart phones, people are basically carrying a personal computer in their pocket that they keep on them 24/7. As a marketer this makes me smile because I immediately think that I can contact them whenever I want. It also means that they are probably on the internet for most of the day

Smart phones have made it so that mobile marketing will be a game changer. There will be more people on the net at all times of day, these people will be performing searches and looking for products. They are creating their own market and it is our job to come in and market products and services to them. Even brick and mortar companies should be able to see the profit in having the internet strapped to people all day. I am going to be doing all day marketing trying to reach these people.

I think that service based businesses should really jump at this. Plumbers, roofers, painter, HVAC guys— Anyone who people call when they have a problem. I see the scenario where someone jumps on their smart phone when a tree falls on their house, when a pipe bursts or when their AC/Heat goes out at the most stressful time. All the people with these problems are going to jump on their smart phone and look for service based businesses to help them in their time of need. They aren’t going to check the phone book or the paper for these businesses, they will check the internet.

But will they find you when they need you? That is the question that businesses have to answer. If you can’t find your company when doing an industry Google search then no, they will not find you. The people that they do find will get their money and business. You need and SEO website and you need a website set up for mobile customers. These two things will allow you to compete in this market and if you do it right, it will help you dominate your competition. You just need the right team to build these web assets.

As you can see, mobile marketing is the future. Smart phones running on high speed networks allow consumers to stay on the internet 24/7. These people will be looking for companies to help them and they will be looking for consumer goods. It is our job to give them what they need. We have to invest in web assets that will allow them to find us when they need us 24/7 and this takes a bit of SEO, SEM and mobile marketing know how. Companies who invest in this strategy will see increased profits and revenue each year.

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