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Internet Marketing And The Art Of Pre Selling

Internet Marketing And The Art Of Pre-Selling If you think that Internet Marketing is all about selling things online, you’re awfully mistaken because marketing does NOT equal selling, although selling is a part of marketing. Marketing is all about pre-selling things to people and making them realize how a particular product can benefit them.

Pre-selling involves some detective work, specifically on the “why” people behind the purchase. In other words, it’s all about discovering the market’s hot buttons. You’d be surprised but people, more often than not, buy things on emotion and rationalize their purchase afterward. However, they also don’t like it when people sell things to them.

So, if you want to get into Internet Marketing and you want to earn a lot of money, part of your job is to discover your market’s hot buttons and then pre-sell products to them. Always talk in terms of benefits and benefits. This is true regardless of what product you’re promoting or want to promote. The principle of pushing hot buttons and pre-selling products is the same.

If you want to get started in Internet Marketing but don’t know which niches you should get involved in, there are several ways you can do research, including:

Searching for the Top 100 products on Amazon and eBay
Searching for the most embarrassing and most painful diseases
Knowing what other people’s kinks are when it comes to sex and dating
How people can make more money or get out of debt

Based on the items we listed above, it’s safe to say that the most profitable niches online are those that involve physical products, illness, love and money. You can’t go wrong if your efforts are in those niches, however, as we made it obvious earlier, BEFORE you do any marketing, you need to do research on the buyers and the product. When you’re confident that you can sell ice even to an already ice-saturated Eskimo Land with your market research information, that’s when you can start building your websites and promoting them.

If you’re going to optimize your website for Google and other search engines (which we suggest you do), make sure you’re targeting keywords where people are almost read to buy. Keywords likes “where to buy…” or “…” or “… scams” will almost always guarantee you sales.

When you’re building websites, always think that they are assets that will make you money. Thus, make sure your websites are 100% yours by buying domain names and subscribing to a hosting account. These things don’t cost more than a few bucks, so it’s easy to think of them as your investment towards financial freedom.

Take note, though, Internet Marketing will not make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks, despite what someone else might tell you. If you want to consistently make money, you need to make consistent effort too. When you’re making money from one website, build another website until you’ve reached your income goals. Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes along the way because they’re part of the learning curve.

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