Learning To Cope With Hair Loss

Learning To Cope With Hair Loss I guess I always knew I would start losing my hair. After all, my father did and his father did as well. Even my mother’s father lost his hair around my age. But it’s one thing to know it’s happening, and it’s another thing to find that it’s happening to you. I have had to learn to deal with my hair loss in the following ways.

At first, I was terrified. I was getting older, and that made me start to think I was less attractive to my wife. I talked to her about it, and she reassured me that I looked the same, which made me feel a little better. She also started complimenting bald men more often–or it seemed more often to me!

I also looked at the stress in my life. If I had to lose my hair, I didn’t want to lose it at once, and I thought that stress might be affecting the rate of hair loss. I have a stressful job, but I have always handled it well. Losing my hair made me wonder whether I need to start thinking about retirement, and not just because of my hair.

I also started eating better. I know that certain vitamins are supposed to be great for hair growth, but my overall diet was pretty bad, so I decided to start eating like I should have been eating all along. I don’t know if that caused any changes, but I certainly feel better.

Every night, I do admit that I try to stimulate hair growth by massaging my scalp. Either I do it, or my wife does it. It’s relaxing, and it’s supposed to get the blood circulating up there. That’s something else that I’m just observing.

I have also stopped using alcohol-based products because I know that alcohol is very drying and I don’t want to dry out the rest of the hair I have. That’s why I’m very careful with the hair I still have, and I don’t want to do anything to harm it. That means all the alcohol products had to go.

I have also cut my hair. Since it’s balding on the top, long hair on the sides just made things look bad. Cutting my hair overall seems to make me look a little younger, or at least I think so.

I considered getting hair plugs or using those products that regrow hair. But I know myself, and I know that there is no way I would have the discipline to keep applying creams or going to a doctor. That was when I realized that losing my hair must not bother me as much as I thought it did.

Now that I have accepted that I am losing my hair, I feel more peaceful, to be honest. I don’t need my hair. I am getting older, and there is no shame in that. I just wish more men saw it that way. You can still be great with a little less hair!

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