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Magento how to change footer copyright message

In Magento, you can change the footer copyright message by making updates to the CMS Static Blocks. Here are the steps to change the footer copyright message:

Log into the Magento admin panel.

Go to CMS > Static Blocks.

Locate the block that controls the footer copyright message, it should be named something like “footer_copyright”

Click on the block, you will see a content area, where you can change the message.

Make the necessary changes to the message and click the “Save Block” button.

Clear the cache by going to System > Cache Management > Select all > Select “Refresh” from the actions dropdown and click on “Submit”

Visit your website to see the changes you’ve made in the footer copyright message.

Note: If you’re using a custom theme, the block name may be different. In this case, you should check the theme’s layout files to find the block that controls the footer copyright message.

Also, if you’re using Magento 2, you should check the documentation for more details on how to change the footer copyright message.

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