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Magento roles, profile & permissions for different users groups

In Magento, roles, profiles, and permissions are used to control access to different areas of the store’s backend for different user groups.

Roles: A role is a set of permissions that can be assigned to one or more users. In Magento, there are two types of roles:

Administrators: These users have full access to the backend of the store, including the ability to add, edit, and delete products, orders, and customer information.
Custom Roles: These are roles that you can create and assign to specific users, with a set of permissions that you define.

Profiles: A profile is a collection of users that have been assigned the same role. In Magento, profiles are used to group users together, so you can assign the same role to multiple users at once.

Permissions: Permissions are the specific actions that users can perform within the store’s backend. For example, a user may be given permission to view and edit products, but not to delete them.

To create a new role, profile, or assign permissions to a user group:

Log in to the Magento admin panel and go to “System” > “Permissions” > “User Roles”.
Click the “Add New Role” button to create a new role, or select an existing role to edit.
In the role’s settings, assign the desired permissions to the role.
Create a new profile or assign the role to an existing one
Assign the profile to the user group you want

Note: It’s important to set the right permissions for each user group to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data or to prevent accidental changes in the system. You can also use third-party extensions that provide more granular control over access to the backend.

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