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Making Blogging Fun For Business

Making Blogging Fun For Business We’ve heard it all before, “Blogging should be fun” or “How can you not like blogging?”, but as a business owner, finding the time to blog seems like another thing on your checklist that you don’t have time to do. Depending on the industry you are in will help determine the importance of blogging in your business. A dentist for example would not benefit from blogging as much as a PPC (Pay Per Click) expert would. That being said, a dentist with the right personality can do wonders by implementing a good blogging strategy.

Reading this last sentence probably made a few people nervous since it seems that only a charismatic person can pull it off. What they didn’t focus on was the key part which is, having a good blogging strategy and if done right can also be fun. The following article will help make blogging more fun for you.

Before we begin, we will assume that you’ve installed a proper blogging platform on your website that is configured properly and easy to use. The mechanics of blogging should be as easy as logging into an email and simple enough as typing into your favorite word processor. Not having this will preclude you from even beginning and explains why you haven’t started by now. Learn how to set this up or better yet, hire a professional to do so.

Now that we’ve established you’ve got a proper blog setup, where do you begin? First off, as a professional, you have a ton of knowledge about your profession. More than likely you attend conferences to keep updated on what is going on in the industry, subscribe to pertinent publications as well as do particular things to keep your licenses active. From all of this, one can deduce you have something to say on relevant topics. The skill will be in how you present this type of stuff to your audience without putting them to sleep!

Just remember this fact known among all successful marketers, and that is most human beings are selfish and look at things as “What’s in it for me?” One can interpret this as always presenting things with the knowledge of catering to this desire. For example, as a dentist, don’t just say “Look at this technology that can whiten your teeth with a laser and some gel”, but reword it with your newly understood angle like this, “The technology we are using will get you that beautiful white smile you’ve always wanted and won’t take more than 10 minutes to achieve it. We’ll have you out of the office in no time!” The benefits to the customer need to be obvious.

Ok, so now you know that you can blog about industry topics focused on how it relates to your customers but this is still not fun, right? The actual fun part comes when you do this consistently, you’ll have customers finding your blog and engaging with you more. You’ll be providing a benefit to your community which will make you feel good, and what’s not fun about that?

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