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Mobile Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Mobile Marketing Can Boost Your Business The Internet has gone mainstream in how people do business. A company without a website is like a company what is not listed in the yellow pages. Over the years, even Internet marketing has evolved. In the past, people have to sit at their desks to check email, shop online, pay bills, or just to browse the web. Nowadays, people can do all of this and more using their mobile devices. This is good news for the marketer. That means your customers can see your marketing messages anywhere, at any time.

What do you have to do to make the most out of mobile technology? For one thing, you should make sure that your website is mobile friendly. If a customer browses to your website, it should display good navigation information so your visitor can find information easily. Your full-size website will not fit onto the the mobile screen unless you make it scalable. If you do not know how to make it scalable, you will need to design a separate landing page just for the mobile visitors.

The information on your mobile website should fit neatly on to the screen width so your visitor will not have to scroll left and right to view content. Content that is too wide to fit on a screen can be annoying, and it will discourage visitors from browsing your website.

Mobile uses expect fast page loads too. So, you should limit the number of images displayed on your mobile site. Size your images so the graphic will not take up the whole screen. Thumbnail size is appropriate. Also, keep your file sizes down so your pages load quicker.

Invite your visitors to sign up for text updates, and provide an easy way for them to opt out. A lot of people do not like to sign up for email lists because they fear that they will get spam in their email for life. However, if you are clear about how they can opt out easily, that allays those fears and more visitors may choose to sign up as a try.

Send your texts at a time when your visitors are mostly online. Because of the time differences geographically, you should divide your lists of subscribes by geographic locations. That way, you can send out texts to your groups at different times that are more appropriate for that specific group.

Keep your text message short, and only text if you have a really good offer or information to share. If your visitors get too many messages from you that they think are not important, they will stop reading them. Keep in mind that they can have hundreds of other text messages to go through, so make your stand out and full of helpful information.

Mobile marketing can be combined with your other marketing strategies. Try it with video marketing or social media marketing. When you find a winning marketing strategy, you will see a boost in your business.

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