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Mobile Marketing Strategies For The Local Business Owner

Mobile Marketing Strategies For The Local Business Owner When you think about mobile marketing, the first thing that comes to mind might be how consumers can have access to world-wide information right on their hand-held devices. This is indeed a big benefit to global marketers. However, mobile marketing is equally, if not more, powerful and effective as a marketing too for local businesses. This article will discuss how that is so.

If you have a local business established in your neighborhood, like a restaurant or the corner bookstore, your main clientele is the people in your neighborhood and people who may be occasional visitors. You can use mobile marketing to drive more customers to your door, right when it matters.

People use their mobile devices to stay virtually connected to information at all times. Most of them carry their cell phones with them all the time. They have instant access to text messages and emails, and get immediate alerts to services that they have signed up for.

As the owner of a local business, this is a great opportunity for you to be very focused in effective in your marketing. First, you need to gather some basic information from your customers. Give your customers an incentive to sign up to receive text updates from your establishment. The incentive can be a discount that that can use on their current purchase. Most people cannot resist that and it is a good way to build up your subscriber base.

When you have a list of of subscribers, think about what kind of promotions you can send to them to drive them to your business. Let’s say that you are a restaurant owner. You know that the peak lunch time is probably between 11:30am to 1:30pm. You can send out a text message that morning around 10 am with information about your daily lunch special and the discount code that they can use to get a special price. This will put the idea into your subscribers’ heads, and they may just swing by your restaurant to have lunch that day. Promoting a special at a time when people can take advantage of it is a very effective way to draw them in.

You can also keep track of what percentage of clientele use your text message special discount. This will tell you how successful this approach is. If a good percentage of your clientele came to your business because of the text, you know you have found found a good way to bring in people.

People get a lot of text messages everyday, so make your messages short and to the point. Capture their attention by being very clear on what they can gain. Brief and helpful are the key to a successful message.

You can combine mobile marketing with your conventional way of marketing to your clientele. If you usually send out mailers to the residents in the neighborhood, include a code that they can text to to get discounts. This is just another example of how mobile marketing can be a major part of your overall marketing strategy.

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