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My Home Improvement Project That Increased the Value of My House

My Home Improvement Project That Increased the Value of My House I waited all winter for the weather to change, so that I could perform a home improvement project on the exterior of my house to increase its value. For years, the paint has been peeling off the wooden exterior of my home, and I was not sure whether I should do the repairs on my own, or hire a professional. With the right tools, and a little bit of education, I was able to transform the exterior of my dull and lifeless looking exterior into a beautiful home.

This Is How I Did It

The painting part of the house was the easiest part. Preparing all of the surfaces to accept the new paint was the most challenging and difficult part. I spent weekends working on the exterior of the home, to take away all of the peeling paint, so that I could prepare the surface.

On the first weekend, I rented a power washer from my local home improvement center so that I could wash down the exterior of the home. By carefully adjusting the spray so that I did not dig into the old wood, I used the high power pressure sprayer. With just the right adjustment, I was able to remove nearly all of the paint on its own, without the need to have to scrape the entire area of the siding on the house.

I was happy that I did not take the pressure washer back to the home improvement center at the end of the first day. By next morning, the wetness of the water of the pressure equipment had released much of the other paint that had been stuck on there. I quickly gave it another once over, before returning the equipment back to the home improvement center. It saved a significant amount of work, and endless hours of scraping away at the peeling paint.

Once all the paint had been scraped away, I was able to get to work on the windows and doors. I had to remove all the existing caulking, so that I could apply new caulking and sealing to the huge gaps where the siding meets the wooden door trim.

Next, I re-glazed the windows, and replaced much of the broken glass with new pieces. With all the windows and doors operating properly, with high-quality sealant and weatherproofing, I was now ready to begin the painting process.

I made sure that I purchase the highest grade paint that I could afford. I decided to stay away from contractor grade, and even economy grade, and saved up to make sure that the best paint possible was applied to the siding. This would minimize my need to have to repaint in a few years, and go through this entire process all over again.

It only took one weekend to paint the entire surface of the exterior of the home. This is because I rented an airless sprayer to minimize the amount of energy required to do the job. After finishing off all the window door and trim, my home looks brand-new. The siding is protected for many years to come because I chose a high quality of paint.

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