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My Idea Of Home Improvement

My Idea Of Home Improvement When other people think of home improvement, I guess they think of the exterior parts of their home: the doors, the windows, the roofs, even the gardens. But when I think of home improvement, I imagine how it looks inside and how it makes me feel. What use is the outside of my house when I can’t enjoy it inside?

Recently I did some redecorating. My room was very drab and I hadn’t changed it at all since moving back home. The first thing I did was take down the old posters from my childhood. You know, stuff from cartoons and old boy bands that mean nothing to me anymore. (Seriously, how did I ever like them?) This left me with a huge white wall. First things first – I painted it orange! Yes, orange! It’s such a fun and vibrant color that instantly picks up my mood whenever I walk into the room now.

After that I changed my bedspread. To go with the orange walls I got light pink sheets and a hot pink comforter. Doesn’t orange and pink just go great together? Well, at least I think so. I also moved the bed to the other corner of the room. Next the dresser had to be moved. Originally it was near the door, which was terrible if the dog accidentally bumped it open when I was changing. I moved it around the half wall to give me some extra privacy.

Then the daunting part. Because I moved all this other big stuff, I had to move smaller stuff as well, like my desk and bookshelves. The desk wasn’t terrible, but the bookshelves! I had to take out every little thing to make sure the valuables didn’t fall out. Shoot, I ended up throwing most of that stuff away! Who needs art projects from second grade? Instead I put up my souvenirs from study abroad. Much more mature.

My family is really impressed with what I have done. I think I have inspired them to start redoing their own rooms. My mom is really into interior decorating and she’s got some ideas for the dining room, which is drab and boring. I’ve got some leftover orange paint…think she wants it? Maybe she doesn’t know she wants it now, but I’m sure she’ll come around!

My father is the only one who doesn’t get it. He’s the tool guy who’d rather build things than decorate. He’d be happy with an empty shell of a room with just a bean bag chair and the TV. Not me. I have to love the space I’m in.

Since improving my bedroom, I’m a lot happier now. Because the sun no longer shines on my bed in the morning, I sleep longer and better. The new colors refresh me from the moment I wake up. The added security makes me feel better about little things, like changing my clothes. I wish I had thought of this sooner. Making everything inside my house nice makes me feel nice inside too!

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