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PrestaShop back-office showing blank screen

If your PrestaShop back-office is showing a blank screen, it can be caused by various issues, including server problems, PHP errors, or conflicts with themes or modules. Here are steps you can take to diagnose and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Server Error Logs:
    • Access your server’s error logs. These are usually located in the server’s control panel or within the server’s log directory.
    • Look for any PHP error messages or other relevant information that might point to the cause of the blank screen.
  2. Increase PHP Error Reporting:
    • Edit the php.ini file on your server to increase the error reporting level. Set error_reporting to E_ALL and display_errors to On.
    • This will help you see any PHP errors on the screen that might be causing the blank page.
  3. Check Memory Limit:
    • Ensure that PHP has an adequate memory limit. You can increase it by modifying the memory_limit directive in the php.ini file.
  4. Check File Permissions:
    • Verify that the file permissions on your PrestaShop files and directories are set correctly. Directories should typically have 755 permissions, and files should have 644 permissions.
  5. Disable Custom Themes or Modules:
    • Sometimes, custom themes or modules can conflict with PrestaShop and cause blank pages. Temporarily disable any custom themes or modules to see if the issue is resolved.
  6. Clear Cache:
    • Clear the PrestaShop cache by deleting the contents of the /var/cache directory.
  7. Check for Syntax Errors:
    • Review any recent changes made to your PrestaShop installation, such as modifications to templates or custom code. Ensure that there are no syntax errors that could cause the issue.
  8. Upgrade or Reinstall PrestaShop:
    • If you are running an older version of PrestaShop, consider upgrading to the latest stable release. Alternatively, you can try reinstalling PrestaShop to ensure that core files are not corrupted.
  9. Check Database Connection:
    • Ensure that your PrestaShop installation is correctly configured to connect to its database. Check the database credentials in your configuration files.
  10. Server Resource Issues:
    • If you’re on shared hosting, it’s possible that your server is running out of resources. Contact your hosting provider to check if there are any server-related issues.
  11. Third-Party Security Software:
    • Some security software or firewalls might interfere with PrestaShop. Temporarily disable any such software to see if it resolves the issue.
  12. Restore from Backup:
    • If you have a backup of your PrestaShop installation from when it was working correctly, you can consider restoring it to see if the issue is resolved.
  13. Seek Professional Help:
    • If you’re unable to identify or resolve the issue on your own, consider seeking assistance from a PrestaShop developer or a web hosting support team.

Remember to back up your PrestaShop files and database before making any significant changes to your installation. This allows you to restore your site if something goes wrong during the troubleshooting process.

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