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PrestaShop back-office shows blank page after login details entered

When you encounter a blank page in the PrestaShop back office after entering your login details, it can be caused by various issues. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you resolve this problem:

  1. Check for Errors in the Browser Console: Open your browser’s developer console (usually accessed by pressing F12 or right-clicking and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element”) and go to the “Console” tab. Look for any JavaScript errors or warnings that may provide clues about what’s causing the blank page.
  2. Check PHP Error Logs: Access your server’s PHP error logs to see if there are any PHP-related errors that could be causing the issue. These logs can often be found in a directory like “/var/log” or “/logs” on your server. Look for any recent error messages related to PrestaShop.
  3. Increase PHP Error Reporting: Temporarily increase the error reporting level in your PHP configuration to display errors on the screen. You can do this by editing your “php.ini” file or adding the following lines to your PrestaShop’s “index.php” file just after the opening <?php tag:
  1. error_reporting(E_ALL);
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);

    This will help display any PHP errors that might be hidden on the blank page.

  2. Clear Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, issues with cached data or cookies can cause problems. Clear your browser cache and cookies, then try logging in again.
  3. Check .htaccess File: Review the “.htaccess” file in your PrestaShop directory to ensure it hasn’t been modified or corrupted. Make sure it’s the default “.htaccess” file that comes with PrestaShop.
  4. Check File Permissions: Verify that the file and directory permissions for your PrestaShop installation are correctly set. Ensure that the necessary files and directories have the appropriate permissions for the webserver to access them.
  5. Check Database Connection: Ensure that your PrestaShop installation is configured with the correct database credentials. Review the “” file in your PrestaShop’s “config” directory to make sure the database details are accurate.
  6. Test on a Different Browser or Device: Try accessing the PrestaShop back office from a different web browser or device to see if the issue persists. This will help determine if the problem is specific to your browser or computer.
  7. Disable Third-Party Modules/Themes: If you have third-party modules or themes installed, one of them might be causing a conflict. Temporarily disable them by renaming the corresponding directories in the “modules” and “themes” folders and checking if the back office loads correctly.
  8. Check Server Resources: Insufficient server resources such as memory or CPU can also cause blank page issues. Ensure that your server meets PrestaShop’s system requirements.
  9. Server Configuration Issues: Consult with your hosting provider to see if there are any server configuration issues that might be affecting your PrestaShop installation.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may want to consider seeking assistance from a developer or PrestaShop support, as more advanced debugging and troubleshooting may be necessary to identify and fix the problem.

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