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PrestaShop Customer analysis

It should be noted that visitors and customers are separate entities.

Visitors are unknown people (not yet registered or not connected) that search your store.
Clients are people who are recognized by your store (registered and connected).
Interesting visitors

In itself, making the number of higher visitors is not important. This mainly serves as an indicator for the evolution of your store’s popularity for a certain period of time.

Get more customers

If you let your store go alone without changing anything, the number of customers must be stable or slightly decreases.
Strong growth or a sharp decrease is the indicator of change in your store.

There are a number of possible changes in impact:

Ad campaigns can attract many visitors.

All promotions, sales, and contests attract a lot of attention and curiosity from visitors; It not only creates healthy animation around your store but also increases the traffic.
Aesthetics: Change Themes can postpone visitors. Spelling and clarity must also be maintained.

Purchase impulse or planned decision?

The buyer is called “spontaneous” (or “impulsivity”) when making a purchase without collapsed at the product view, or the sales condition (current promotion, description, price …).

Purchases are called “planned” when the buyer takes the time:

To learn every information about a product,
To compare this product with competitors on the market,
To reflect the purchase and its consequences.

Consider the buyer’s profile

Therefore you must consider the importance of various sources and information contexts, for both types of buyers.

As an example:

Promotion may convince spontaneous buyers.
To captivate planning buyers, you must first study various offers on the market to give the price of your product correctly. Pay attention to your description, photos and presentations, offer a variety of operator choices with fast delivery … Indeed, every detail is taken into account.

Customer loyalty

Sending birthday gifts to clients is one way to get loyalty.

Keep customers more profitable than conquering new ones. Because it is very important to get loyalty, that is to tell him to return to your store.

Firman Mouth is also a new way to have satisfied customers: unhappy customers are not attractive new.

To achieve this, there are several methods:
Timely action

Vendor Rewards (targeted promotions and personalized prizes – good products or services), non-vendor awards (priority reviews order or product), monetary gifts (vouchers, discounts, refunds).
Lasting actions.

Loyalty cards and loyalty points, which not only promote trading communication-customer but also offers benefits for customers (personal offers, discounts).
This operation does not only encourage customers to buy, but also to return to your store.
Enliven the shop

Of course, offers and advertising attract clients and visitors, create movements in your store.

There are several ways to turn on the store


Regularly send emails to all your store customers, to give them information about new products or to overcome certain topics.

Polls and surveys

Involve users by asking questions about the use of their store.
This may include the selection of opinions and satisfaction surveys.


Prepare a game or competition in your store, be it promotion or not. They will not only turn on the site, but also help increase traffic, and participate in customer loyalty.
discussion forum

A place where visitors and customers are offered the opportunity to send and read messages about stores. The ideal features for making your store are more interactive and encourage communication between users and you.

The place for real-time discussions helps form an interesting community. This can even enable the creation of new services (such as basic or ask online

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