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PrestaShop events

PrestaShop organizes and participates in various events to connect with the community, share knowledge, and promote their e-commerce platform. Some of the notable PrestaShop events include:

  1. PrestaShop Day: PrestaShop Day is an annual conference organized by PrestaShop, bringing together merchants, developers, agencies, and e-commerce enthusiasts. The event features keynote speeches, workshops, networking opportunities, and presentations from industry experts. It provides attendees with insights into the latest trends, updates, and best practices in e-commerce.
  2. PrestaShop Barcamp: PrestaShop Barcamp is an informal gathering where PrestaShop users, developers, and merchants come together to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss various aspects of the platform. Barcamps are organized by the PrestaShop community and offer a more interactive and community-driven approach to learning and networking.
  3. PrestaShop Meetups: PrestaShop Meetups are local events organized by PrestaShop enthusiasts in different cities around the world. These meetups provide an opportunity for users, developers, and merchants to meet in person, share knowledge, and learn from each other. PrestaShop Meetups often include presentations, discussions, and networking sessions.
  4. PrestaShop Community Forums: While not physical events, the PrestaShop Community Forums serve as a virtual gathering place for PrestaShop users and developers. The forums allow users to ask questions, share ideas, seek help, and provide solutions to common issues. PrestaShop team members and community experts actively participate in the forums, providing support and guidance to the community.
  5. PrestaShop Webinars: PrestaShop occasionally hosts webinars on specific topics related to e-commerce and using the PrestaShop platform effectively. These webinars are typically free to attend and cover a range of topics, including store management, marketing strategies, SEO, and module development.

To stay updated on upcoming PrestaShop events, it’s recommended to visit the official PrestaShop website, subscribe to their newsletter, follow their social media channels, and participate in the PrestaShop community forums. These platforms often provide announcements and updates regarding events and opportunities to engage with the PrestaShop community.

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