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Prestashop how to configure and use Memcached

In PrestaShop, Memcached can be used as a caching system to improve the performance of your website. Here are the steps to configure and use Memcached in PrestaShop:

Install the Memcached server on your server or hosting account. You can find installation instructions on the Memcached website.

Install the Memcached module for PrestaShop. You can find the module by searching for “Memcached” in the “Modules” section of the back office of your PrestaShop store.

Configure the Memcached module in the back office of your PrestaShop store. In the “Advanced Parameters” section, click on “Performance” and then click on the “Memcached” tab.

In the “Memcached” tab, enter the server IP and port number of your Memcached server. You can also set the weight of the server and the duration of the cache.

Save the configuration and test the connection to ensure that the Memcached server is properly configured.

In your website’s back office, go to “Advanced Parameters” > “Performance” and activate caching system as Memcached

Once Memcached is configured, it will automatically cache the pages of your website. This can result in significant performance improvements, especially on high-traffic websites.

Please note that these instructions are a general guide, as the exact process may vary depending on the version of PrestaShop you are using. If you are not familiar with configuring caching systems, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a developer.

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