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PrestaShop Products Discounts Settings

To set up product discounts in PrestaShop, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop back office.
  2. Navigate to the “Catalog” section. The exact location may vary depending on your PrestaShop version, but it is usually found under the “Catalog” or “Products” menu.
  3. In the catalogue section, find the product for which you want to set up a discount and click on it to edit.
  4. On the product editing page, locate the “Price” or “Prices” tab. The exact name may vary depending on your PrestaShop version.
  5. In the “Price” or “Prices” tab, you will find the options to configure discounts. There are several types of discounts available:
    • “Specific price”: This option allows you to set a specific discounted price for the product. You can enter the discounted price directly, and PrestaShop will display the original price crossed out along with the discounted price.
    • “Specific price (tax excluded)”: This option is similar to “Specific price” but calculates the discount without including taxes.
    • “Reduction type”: This option provides different ways to define the discount:
      • “Amount”: You can specify a fixed amount to be deducted from the original price.
      • “Percentage”: You can specify a percentage by which the original price will be reduced.
      • “From quantity”: You can set a discount when customers purchase a certain quantity of the product. For example, you can offer a discount when customers buy 3 or more units.
      • “From (product attribute)”: If your product has different attributes (e.g., size, colour), you can set specific discounts for each attribute combination.
    • “Reduction amount”: Enter the value for the discount amount or percentage, depending on the selected “Reduction type.”
  6. Save the changes to apply the discount to the product.
  7. Repeat the process for other products if you need to set up discounts for them as well.

Remember to test the product discounts by adding the discounted products to the cart and verifying that the discounts are correctly applied.

Please note that the steps provided above are a general guideline, and the interface and options may vary slightly depending on your PrestaShop version and installed modules.

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