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So You Think You Are Depressed

So You Think You Are Depressed Are you feeling a little down on yourself? Do you constantly have negative thoughts and lack motivation? If you think that you are experiencing depression don’t worry, you are not alone. Depression is a symptom that plagues people all across the world. The prolonged sadness and lack of positive emotions is what most people feel when they are depressed. You know what depression really means? It means that you feel like you need to make a change in your life. What you need to start doing is taking steps towards living a more fulfilling life and ridding yourself from negative thoughts.

Think back to when you did not feel depressed. What was going on in your life at the time? Did you have a job? Were you in a serious relationship? Losing a job or breaking off a longtime relationship are things that can lead to depression. The stress of trying to make money and whether or not you will find love again can be overwhelming for the brain. To defeat depression you need to get your mind off of things and pick up a hobby. Start playing that instrument you have always wanted to learn. Paint portraits of people or places you admire. Just find something to get your mind off things and you will feel a little better about yourself over time.

Studies have shown that regular exercise combats depression. Putting your body into motion and relieving that stress can start to make you think positive again. Exercising actually helps give you an activity to do and helps get your mind out of the dark hole of bad thoughts that might be circling around up there. Get a gym membership or plan daily jogs with a neighbor or friend. Working out with someone else can help give you time to talk to someone and vent a little.

Anxiety and depression are closely associated with one another. When you become depressed you might experience anxiety and when that happens they both feed off on another. What’s great about working out is that you can knock out two birds with one stone. Exercising helps reduce both anxiety and depression. Instead of staying in on weekends get out and have some fun. Go out with your family or friends. Even if you just go out and get a little time to yourself it can help you feel better about life. You might even meet a new group of friends or find a love interest when you go out.

Depression is hard to get over. You have to work at fighting depression every day. Work towards ridding yourself from those negative thoughts and over time you will slowly start to feel better. Instead of wallowing in despair about the past look forward to the future. Every day you have the most powerful option to make choices in your life. Choose to produce a better life for yourself and a few years from now you will forget what it ever felt like to be depressed.

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