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Some Common Effects of Depression

Some Common Effects of Depression When it comes to depression, you may just think about the causes or the really bad effects. They are not the only things to consider. Consider what people with depression feel daily. It’s a mental and physical illness that is tough for the person with it every single day. Here are some of the common daily effects of depression.

Feeling tired constantly is a common effect of having depression. Feeling down and negative can really destroy sleep patterns. You may constantly feel sleepy. The problem is that half the people that feel that way either sleep too much or don’t get enough sleep. Some people go long periods without sleeping, which triggers some more serious health issues. Sleep is essential to a healthy mind and healthy body, but depression can take that away and make the person have a hard time staying conscious and alert due to having no energy from the lack of sleep.

Depression can cause physical fatigue. This is the little aches and pains that are felt every day from the time you get up to the time that you try to go to bed. They are usually not caused by anything else but your mental pain. They can sometimes be triggered by the fact that your body hasn’t properly rested either. Remember that depression is mainly focused in the brain, so sometimes the pain receptors are affected because of all of the misfirings. When you’re depressed, your body is not working at optimum level, so your body can respond to your mood with physical pain and discomfort.

Depression can also cause “spacing out.” This is where a person is basically so deep inside of their head that they cut themselves off from reality. Someone may talk to you and they may get a very delayed response from you. While this can be risky, depending on what you are doing while spacing out, it can also affect your relationships with other people. They may feel that you are ignoring them or just being rude. It may feel safer in your head, but getting too far inside yourself can make your depression deepen and you can feel yourself becoming more isolated and lonely.

Laziness is another common issue with depression. Due to constantly having negative feelings, you may feel that there is no point to doing anything that you used to. You may feel like everything you do is futile and that you just shouldn’t do anything because of it. You may feel like getting dressed, bathing yourself, or even going out is too much work. Slacking with tasks like projects and work may occur because you feel like finishing them isn’t worth it. Your lack of energy to get the outcome that you desire may also affect your desire to do or complete anything.

So, as you can see, there are a few very common things that many people with depression feel every day. These are effects that affect all aspects of their life day in and day out. Only by getting the help that you need can you eventually make these daily effects history.

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