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The Art of Mobile Marketing

The Art of Mobile Marketing The cellular phone has changed the way many businesses handle advertising simply because it is easier to send an SMS message out to multiple customers. This of course is in direct contrast to billboard advertisements which reach people, but still require the individuals to get out and do something. The mobile marketing technique gives you far more options, especially now with the advent of smartphones.

The first type of mobile marketing you might consider is SMS messaging. The short message service has been around for many years, since the days of the old generation 2 cellular phones. This is a simple text message that has nothing to do with internet connectivity, and can easily be used to send an advertisement. This is a very basic method of advertising, and one that your customers are bound to see so long as they have signed up for it. Despite that, there are better ways to advertise on mobile devices.

The second best way of course would be to use push advertising which involves placing advertisements in applications, or even on the home screen of the smart phone. While this might seem to be a bit intrusive, most smartphone users never actually notice this form of mobile marketing. That being the case, this is a great way to utilize screen space.

There are a few other ways to advertise on the smartphone, one of them is through applications. There are a number of free games available on mobile devices, from Fruit Ninja, to Angry Birds, to a plethora of unknown yet rather fun games. Because mobile phones are usually connected to the internet, the advertisements can be updated at any time. A great example would be a game like Fruit Ninja where you finish a round and are presented with an advertisement which you must watch before continuing. Because of the game’s addictive nature, users are almost guaranteed to watch the ad so that they can continue.

Another method of mobile marketing on smartphones would be a quick response code, also known as a QR code. the smartphone will of course need to have the right application installed, but this allows the phone to scan a 2D image into the phone, and the data stored within that image will send the user to a webpage, or even a social media page.

These QR codes can be placed in a number of different locations, for example, you might find them on a sidewalk advertisement, or you might even find them at your table when you eat at a fast food restaurant. There are so many ways to utilize mobile marketing today!

As a business, you must be prepared to make use of the new methods of mobile marketing, and of course the ability to sneak them into popular applications. Our world is changing significantly, and the methods of advertising are becoming more and more diverse.

Ads are becoming more personalized, more convenient, and one touch ordering is finally commonplace. It’s time to embrace the mobile world and advertise like never before.

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