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The Benefits Of Blogging On a Young Woman

The Benefits Of Blogging On a Young Woman Blogging has been a large, popular part of the internet since the nineties. From social to informative purposes, blogging has touched many people in both positive and negative ways. For me personally, blogging has been a way of life for the past fourteen years.

As a young girl, without many opportunities to socialize with my classmates due to health issues, I was often forced to stay indoors. I had plenty of toys, but my favorite was my mother’s computer. We had educational CD-ROM games, but when I was eleven, we jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a subscription of America Online.

At first, I was not allowed on without parental supervision, but like most rules, this parental policy was relaxed, and I began to surf the children’s section of AOL. It took time for me to grasp the concept of blogging, but by the time I was thirteen, I had my first blog.

I used this blog as an online journal, a private yet public place where I could meet other people searching through shared interests. I poured my heart into that first blog, although now the website is defunct as of 2013. But blogging is highly social, and my friends began to move, leading me to LiveJournal, now owned by a Russian company that still exists to this day.

Here, I found what would end up my very best friends to this day. It was through blogging that I discovered my career in translation, by finding a love of Japanese culture. Without either of these things, I know I would be an unhappier person, working in a dead-end job with no goals. They pushed me, and I thank them every day for it.

Blogging itself has been a great help to me in other matters too. I have been able to reflect and assess my position in life every since blogging, and whenever I step away from my moods and my thoughts, I can feel myself getting frustrated and stressed more than not.

I don’t only write about my life but things I am passionate about as well. Politics, philosophy, and historical debates have been a long-standing topic of mine. By blogging, I have been able to expand my networking ability far beyond the small town I was raised in.

Now, my friends and family keep in touch via blogging. I have friends who have moved halfway around the world, but we are still able to communicate in an open and honest manner, in a way that is convenient for all of us and our new timezones.

There are many websites dedicated to bloggers and their preferred method of blogging, and I’ve tried a great many of them. I try to go with the population, to make sure that I am still involved with the largest networking pool possible. The overall process has changed for me, but the benefits remain the same.

Without blogging, I know I would be a much different person. I am thankful for the people I have found, and the new ideas I have been able to read. The many benefits have really lifted my life, and I know blogging will make my life better in the future as well.

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