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The Evolution Of Internet Marketing

The Evolution Of Internet Marketing Internet marketing is getting to be quite interesting. Here we have a ready, willing and able listening market that is accessible and willing to buy things online if presented with enough compelling evidence that they should do so.

It is possible to demographically find buyers who are looking for whatever product you have to offer and who will buy it right now – if you can find them. Not only do we have websites, email marketing, adwords, adsense, article marketing, banner ads, and you name it, we have all of the social media avenues to work with.

The newest kid on the block is mobile marketing where the advertisement uses the mobile phone as a platform. Think about it. Don’t you know somebody that is never separated from their smart phone, no matter where they are? Any blip or beep from that phone and they are on it, like a cat on a grasshopper. That is instant eyes on a product if it pops up and is in any form palatable, is a possible sale.

And think of this: this market, the internet market, is still in its infancy. Compare it to the print media, which goes way back over 150 years or so. How long has internet marketing been on the books? Maybe 5 years or so. So the future is ours for the taking and if we are smart, we will do well.

Everyone should start over and sit down and create a new business plan. It is a new ball game and getting to be a wider field of endeavor all the time. It might be good to just select just one segment of the internet pie and become a specialist. There is only so much that one mind can pay attention to.

That business plan should focus very tightly on where you want to go and be very specific as to how you are going to get there. This will mean that the learning and relearning of more technical stuff will be the name of the game. Then begin to achieve something small enough that you can do it in your sleep. Then scale it up to the point that the model still works, only your reach is bigger.

People don’t care so much about who you as much as they used to. They are more interested in a “what do you have for me today” type of relationship. Let’s face it, most people today are self-focused and are not too concerned about other people, other than their immediate important people.

So the process is finding out what people want, and then find the people who want it, then sell it to them. Then the plan is to find people that they know who want the same thing and the plan goes on.

As I said before, this is going to take planning like you have never planned before. And organizational skills will be in vogue as well as you scale up your business. If you are not organized, it will be difficult to survive, because the pace is getting so fast that you cannot make it unless things become a process.

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