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The Strange Side Of Blogging

The Strange Side Of Blogging One thing that often is described when it comes to blogging, is what you should and shouldn’t blog. More specifically, what you should avoid putting on your blog because of it being strange, weird, or embarrassing. More consideration should be taken with when to keep those things out and when not, too. Read on to learn more about adding a bit of positive “strangeness” to your blogging.

Many bloggers suggest that bloggers should avoid blogging about things in their life that people would think are weird or embarrassing. The problem with this is that they do not know how everyone is going to respond to what they have not written. That does not mean that they should share every little quirky or cringe-worthy moment, but avoiding them all isn’t the answer either.

Consider your audience, and make a decision. If you were them, would you want to read some of these types of posts written by you? Would you find it entertaining and informative or would you find it unappealing? Is it positive and helpful or is it negative and offensive? Once you figure out whether it’s positive, helpful, and/or entertaining, you can try going ahead with posting it.

Don’t let fear control your posts. If you fear that you shouldn’t post something because it will make you look like a fool, you should think about it further. Is it a matter of fear or what you think your competition would think? Many times, bravery is rewarded. Many readers would love to feel the humanity of someone that is not perfect, does not feel afraid, or think that they have to hide something from everyone. Facing your fear can help you build a better connection with your audience.

You can’t practice without trying. If there are posts that you wish to post but don’t because of them being strange or embarrassing, then you will never know how your audience will feel about them. If you plan on being an honest blogger, do not be afraid to try posting one of these posts. You can surely build your confidence up doing it, and it will help you practice so that you have a great method for posting these posts properly. You can try one or a few at a time and see what your response is.

Furthering that thought, watch how your audience responds to them. Carefully watch the views for these unique posts and whether people are actually reading them. Pay attention to any comments on them, if you have them enabled. Maybe your audience likes them but feels that there are some ways you could do them better. Getting input from the readers can help you become better at blogging overall, but can be especially helpful with these types of posts.

Blogging, while a job for some, can be a lot of fun and should be a lot of fun. You shouldn’t just avoid certain unusual posts because other bloggers say to or make you feel like you should. It is your blog and you should feel free to express yourself. It can help your readers trust you more because it makes you appear more like a real person.

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