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The Three Step Process Of Getting Started In Internet Marketing

The Three-Step Process Of Getting Started In Internet Marketing Do you want to get started in Internet Marketing? If so, pay attention because in this article we will show you how. However, before we start, let’s first define what Internet Marketing is and isn’t.

Internet Marketing is really the art of making money by selling different products. It’s a lot like being a freelance salesperson, only that you don’t have your boss breathing down your neck or barking at you to make a sale.

Internet Marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If it was, all Internet Marketers right now would be rich. But the fact is that different marketers are earning different amounts of dollars per month online. While some are earning millions (they are a few but they do exist), there are people who are only earning hundreds dollars. And there are many, many more people who quit Internet Marketing before they even made their first sale.

But the good thing about Internet Marketing is that it is a real way to make money online, however, it does take work, continuing studies and persistence to get from Point A to Point B. Below you will find our three-step process to making money online.

1. Researching On Different Niches

In order to really make a lot of money online, you need to sell different products in different niches. Thus, your first order of the day is to research AT LEAST ten niches. You can research on ten totally different niches or you can pick one niche and dig for different sub-niches. For example, you can research on online dating and then research on different niches like lesbian dating, military singles dating, single parents dating, plus size dating, etc.

Depending on your niche, you can market a dating guidebook or a dating website. More important than what you’re selling, however, you need to know why anyone would join a dating site or else buy a $27 e-book. If you know their reasons, it’s easy to know how you can angle your write-up so that you naturally push their hot buttons and make them take out their credit cards.

2. Building Your Website

When you’ve done your research, build your websites. If you’ve simply researched on the sub-niches of one niche, you can buy just one domain and build your websites on sub domains so you can save money. There are many courses out there on how to build websites, just research them online. It’s easy to build them especially if you install WordPress.

3. Promote your website

This is probably the hardest part of Internet Marketing and it’s where most people give up even before they start earning money. How do you promote your website? There are several ways, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, advertising on the different ad networks.

Any of these methods can make you money, however, if you really want to make big money do NOT learn them all at the same time. Pick one method and don’t stop until you’re earning money from it. Remember, you only have eight hours to work on Internet Marketing everyday (less if you have a full-time job), you have other things to do.

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