What Causes Hair Loss and What Can Be Done About It

What Causes Hair Loss and What Can Be Done About It? Dealing with hair loss can be devastating regardless of your age. More and more men are beginning to experience significant hair loss at earlier ages. Though it is typically a condition that is considered inevitable, that is not true in all cases. Modern society has contributed to the escalation of hair loss in many ways. You may be able to slow down your hair loss by understanding some of the typical causes.

As with many other things, your hair is affected by your overall health. The nutrients your body absorbs have an impact on your hair and how early you experience hair loss. In general, a healthy body with proper nutrition results in a healthy head of hair.

Make sure you have adequate amounts of iron and protein in your diet, as well as foods rich in whole fiber, fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. Your diet is where you will get the proper nutrition to keep your body functioning well. It will also free your body of excess toxins that can be the cause of clogged hair follicles. With a little care and attention to your diet, you could end up eating your way to a full head of hair!

Take a look at the medications you take. Many medications can because of premature hair loss. Do some research to find out if any of the medications you take list hair loss as a contraindication.

If you are undergoing treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation for a serious health problem, this will no doubt be a major contributing factor to hair loss. You may have to live with the problem until your treatments are completed. The good thing is that hair loss caused by radiation and chemotherapy is usually reversible. Ask a medical professional for suggestions on how to deal with the issue.

One of the potential causes of hair loss, as we get older, is fluctuations in hormone levels. This can be a major contributing factor for hair loss in women during menopause. It can also be a cause of baldness in men over the age of 40. If you fall into this category and it is a serious issue for you, consider hormone replacement therapy. Be sure to get a complete physical examination first, and to always follow the advice of your physician.

If you have a history of dandruff or other scalp infections, these could be the cause of unnecessary hair loss. Take a look at the hair products you use because they may be contributing to your problem. Test them out one by one, eliminating one product each week until you can determine which product is the culprit. Switch to organic, chemical-free gels, shampoos, and sprays. This is especially important for products that will remain on your hair.

Although it’s true that heredity often plays a big role in hair loss, environmental factors can affect the process as well. Take these insights and use them to determine if you are doing all you can to slow down your hair loss.

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