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Why Mobile Marketing is a Must for Any Business

Why Mobile Marketing is a Must for Any Business Have you ever noticed how, when you’re in among a large group of people, EVERYONE seems to be staring at, or working on, a mobile device of some kind? If it’s not a smartphone then it’s an iPad or a Kindle Fire or any number of other devices designed to keep people plugged into the virtual world. If you want to reach these people with a message about your business, then you must send them your message their mobile devices! No wonder mobile marketing is a must for any business.

Being of the older generation, it took me a while to catch on. One evening I was at my son’s house helping him install an appliance when I casually asked: “Do you know who won the game last night?” He quickly reached into his pocket, pulled out his iPhone, hit a button or two, and sayid: “Cardinals won 5 to 2.”

Three days later I was in the car with my 22 year old daughter — we were running an errand in a town about 30 miles away from home. I very casually said to her: “Wish I knew where a Starbucks is around here. I could sure go for a cup of coffee.” Out came her Smartphone and click, click, click she gave me the address of a Starbucks less than a mile away!

If you want to reach today’s consumers you need to to get into the mobile arena. You give your website a mobile app and it should be linked to Facebook page and Twitter account. Why? Because it’s the smart way to do business. Let me explain.

The other day my wife received a text message on her iPhone from a gourmet cupcake cafe in our town. This place is known for great cupcakes that are expensive. The text message included a 40% off coupon for any cupcake on the menu — all she had to do was “like” the coupon on Facebook. She did. As a result, the coupon appeared instantly on her Facebook page — and, because she has over 400 Facebook friends, the coupon instantly appeared on all of their Facebook pages too. All within less than one minute!

If the cupcake shop sent that text to 1,000 customers, and if my wife is typical, their coupon may have been instantly distributed to about 400,000 customers! Even if you reduce that figure by 75%, the ad still went to 100,000 people. The best part is it cost the cupcake shop practically nothing!

To make things even easier, you didn’t have to have a coupon in hand to get your discounted cupcake. Customers merely had to show the coupon on their mobile device! To borrow an old phrase, that’s one smart cupcake!

No doubt about it, mobile marketing should be part of every company’s marketing strategy. There has never before been a time when you could reach so many people, in such a short period of time, for such a small expense.

If you aren’t using mobile marketing for your business, take the time to learn more about this highly effective marketing technique.

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