Hair Loss and The Way to Combat It

Hair Loss and The Way to Combat It Hair loss is something that affects millions of people, and conversely, there is a multitude of interesting approaches on how to overcome this condition. In most cases, baldness is a genetic issue, especially in men, known as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Once hair loss begins, and particularly if it is age-related, people begin to fear that age is creeping up on them and they’ll soon become totally bald.

Because of this, depression and anxiety can build up, causing other medical-related problems, such as stress which in turn could cause high blood pressure. For many years there were no viable options to people experiencing hair loss, it was simply something they had to affect, chalking it up to genetics, and accepting it as a fact of life. Recent advancements, however, along with significant scientific experiments, have changed that. In today’s world, the possibility of stopping hair loss, or re-growing your hair, is a medical possibility, and many men have reported significant results. The drug minoxidil has been called a miracle cure and was released commercially under the name Rogaine. Once receiving FDA approval, this product became the number one treatment for hair loss, in particular male pattern baldness, in America.

And while Rogaine has been proven to work, there are other people who prefer a more natural or organic approach, and there are also products to suit this mentality. One reason for hair loss, medically speaking, is the buildup of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone and a naturally occurring hormone. The Plan Saw Palmetto, native to Florida, has been scientifically shown to interact with the DHT enzyme, in many cases helping to slow or stop hair loss.

Other natural remedies have also proven effective, alleviating the need for strong chemicals that could harm our hair or other parts of her body. By using organic or natural remedies, in many cases, we can achieve the desired effect (keeping our air), while at the same time being assured we are putting nothing with the potential for damage into our bodies, or onto our scalp.

Another growing area of hair loss research is aromatherapy. Often thought of in meditation and besides, these oils are obtained from a variety of naturally occurring plants such as cedarwood, bay, lemon, jojoba, lavender, grapefruit, and rosemary, and they are then absorbed into the scalp via aromatherapy. While there is less established scientific research concerning this, many have reported the regrowth of their hair after aromatherapy sessions.

In addition to the oils mentioned above, there are other solutions derived from honey, Aloe Vera, and mulberries, which have also shown to be effective as cures for baldness. However it is advised, that anyone considering a hair loss treatment, be it natural or medical, first consult with their doctor or healthcare professional to get an informed diagnosis of why they’re experiencing hair loss.

There are many products and means to help a person keep their hair, and the science of hair loss and remedies for the same continues to advance.

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