Hair Loss And You

Hair Loss And You Hair loss is one of the most widespread hereditary afflictions around the world. Millions of individuals have suffered or are suffering from hereditary hair loss. The average person will lose around 100 hairs every day, but it’s when the numbers exceed this and you see thinning or bald patches that you start to enter actual hair loss.

Outside of hereditary hair loss, various things can cause a noticeable loss of hair. Giving birth can cause quite a bit of hair loss for the mother, but thankfully this is short-lived and will usually grow back quickly. Various diseases can also cause issues with the hair follicle damage and cause hair loss, but for the most part, treating the underlying disease will repair the damage and allow hair to grow anew.

Another common factor of hair loss is intense stress. We’ve known for years that stress can cause discoloration of hair by turning in gray, and can also cause hair to fall out at increasing rates.

One very intense cause of hair loss comes in the form of medical treatments. These treatments can range from simple medication causing minor hair loss, to total hair loss from chemotherapy that cancer patients are subjected to. These forms of hair loss are rarely permanent and will usually allow hair to grow back once the treatments have stopped.

People cope with hair loss in different ways. There are two very distinct groups of people when it comes to hair loss. Those who embrace the change and flaunt their baldness, and those who hide from hair loss, using wigs or hats to hide their problem.

For those who embrace the change, they will often trim or shave the rest of their hair off. Some men especially see this simply as a new stage of who they are. In some cultures, balding men that allow their dome to stand out are seen as a sign of dignity and wisdom. For another large subset of men, hair loss can be seen as a blessing. Military personnel suffering from hair loss find it takes less time to keep up their crew cuts or clean-shaven heads allowing them more free time, even if it’s just for a moment.

Those who elect to hide from their hair loss have more options than ever these days. Human hair wigs, toupees, artificial wigs, hats, caps, bandannas, headscarves, and various assortments of hair transplants and plugs are all options for Hereditary hair loss. Those suffering from hair loss due to medical or other temporary issues can benefit from everything other than transplants and plugs since the medical treatments that caused the hair loss in the first place would simply wreck the new hair as well.

Hair loss is very common around the world, more so in men than women. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be the end of the world. Should you suffer from hair loss, don’t let it cause any undue stress. Pick up a wig or a razor and embrace the new you!

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