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How to Avoid the Shady Side of Network Marketing

How to Avoid the Shady Side of Network Marketing Many people today think that network marketing is a shady business. And it is true that there are some unethical people who work online. That is why you must learn to avoid the shady side of network marketing. Hopefully the suggestions below will help you to do this.

Network marketing is an ethical way to make a living. However, many people think it is a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is designed so that those at the top of the pyramid profit off of those below them. You start at the bottom and as you climb up you collect money from more and more people lower on the pyramid. In true network marketing, however, that is not true. Although you are contacting many people, there should never be more than two people making money off of any one transaction. Also, ethical network marketing offers tangible, electronic, or informational products. Buyers receive value for their money.

Unfortunately greed is still often used to sell products by many network marketers. Individuals brag about all the money they have made due to their successful online formulas. Remember, though, whenever you make dishonest claims they eventually come back and bite you.

Let me tell you a story about one such individual I had experience with.

I once joined a network marketing membership group run by this person. In his promotion of the group he claimed he would share a formula that had made him millions of dollars in network marketing. Soon after I joined I realized the group had nothing to offer so I asked for my money back and dropped out.

About a year later I was in the newcomers section of a very respected network marketing forum. New marketers were invited to ask questions and get help. Believe it or not, this individual was in the forum asking how to do something that was very basic to anyone with experience. This was the guy who claimed he had made a million dollars and had sold his expertise. Since the forum was in a closed membership group, I suppose he felt safe. Everyone in the group, however, recognized him as a liar. Don’t ever let something like that happen to you.

We hear more and more reports about various state policing agencies investigating network marketing schemes. This should serve as a caution to anyone making money online. Not only is it important to check out companies you are involved with, you need to police your own actions as well. Make sure you run your business lawfully and do not make false representations.

Network marketing is a great career choice that offers tremendous income potential. Don’t let the naysayers and those making negative remarks discourage you. If you do the job correctly and honestly you will be able to do very well. Should you ever notice yourself straying toward unethical practices, however, correct them immediately. You will only be successful if you avoid the shady side of network marketing.

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