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Mobile Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Mobile Marketing Is The Next Big Thing For a long time, search engine marketing was presented as the greatest form of marketing and it was true. People search the Internet and Google when they are looking for a service based business more often than they do the Yellow Pages or a local news paper. Matter of fact, many major newspapers are going bankrupt because fewer businesses are using them to advertise their services. TV, radio and Internet are the 3 biggest and most successful ways to Internet a business.

Billboards are also great but they limit your exposure to only people who drive by them. To that effect TV commercials and radio give exposure by repetition and the goal is for someone to remember your ad when they see or hear your commercial. That last sentence explains why Internet marketing and now mobile marketing are superior forms of marketing. Whereas these other forms of marketing require for someone to remember or see you ad when they are in need of your service, Mobile marketing allows you to reach a customer at their point of need.

Point of need is when someone wakes up in the middle of night with a mainline pipe break with water gushing everywhere and the longer this water runs the more money it is going to cost them. Radio and TV are no good at that time because they need help NOW. What most people will do is jump on their smart phone and look for an emergency plumber who works 24/7. This is point of need and mobile marketing has this covered.

Point of need isn’t only relegated to emergency situations, it also covers whenever someone needs an answer in present time. This could be when they are searching for a restaurant or something entertaining to do. The popularity of smart phones has made it so that almost everyone has a search engine in their pocket. You have to have enough of an Internet presence to be found when they need your service or that money will go to your competitors.

Even if you are already running an Internet marketing campaign, your site has to be optimized for mobile phone users because not all internet sites render well on mobile phones. Smart businesses are having mobile extensions of their website created just for smart phone users. Businesses who do this are going to receive more business from mobile marketing than people with sites that don’t render well on mobile phones.

As you can see, the marketing world has changed, not only must you have a superior internet presence, you also have to ensure that your web assets render well on mobile phones.

With more people using smart phones to access the Internet than traditional computers, you have to market to these web user. You have to be easily found when they are at their Point Of Need. The company who can be found when there is a need will rule the market place and earn more money than their less prepared competition.

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