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Power To The Marketer: Mobile Gaming Competition is one thing that is prevalent in humanity. Humans just have a natural need to want to compete with one another. You can look in nearly any business and see this. Mobile marketing is one of the newer contenders in this arena, but the competitions are pretty fierce with the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices and technology. One thing that mobile marketers can do to tap into this great competitive market is to use “gamification” in their mobile marketing campaign as described below.

You’ve seen just how popular apps and downloadable games have been ever since smartphones hit the market. You can’t look much of anywhere without seeing something regarding Angry Birds or other popular games. Many reports claim that millions are spending at least two hours daily playing game apps on their phones. That is potential that marketers could be using to their advantage. Fun is something that your audience wants and inserting it into your mobile marketing strategy can take it to new heights.

This all involves “gamification.” This principle involves inserting gaming mechanics and dynamics into activities that are not games to obtain a desired behavior or effect. Consider what it is that gives these games their competitive edge. There are things like social leaderboards, interaction with other players, and the entertainment factor that keep people playing and wanting to beat other players. Entertainment is one marketing principle that you should already be familiar with. Giving your customers the “power” of a challenge, pride, and an entertaining and compelling experience can actually help you boost your customer interaction. Many companies have taken that principle to make their own kinds of social hubs that were relevant to their audience and gained more interest and interaction from their customers than ever before.

You can boost interest in products this way, too. This could be as simple as sending emails with a great call to action and a link to a special page, quiz, or the like to your customers. By adding in some type of scoring element, you can offer some deep discounts that they can share on their social media. This will cause customers to spend more time on your page, drive up your traffic and page views, and get them sharing what you offer with even more people.

You can follow up the above using a similar strategy for those that may not have received your message or invitation. You can try using a different call to action or even a deeper discount than the previous one. It is just simple re-targeting that can boost your customer base and traffic.

Gamification, as you can see, does not only apply to games, but also to a great mobile marketing campaign. By tapping into to people’s natural competitive nature and love of gaming, you can boost your outreach and sales. Remember that you must test everything first and that you are really getting the most out of your campaign since wasted time and lost customers and sales are not a game.

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