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Reasons Any Business should Try Mobile Marketing

Reasons Any Business should Try Mobile Marketing If your marketing campaigns are suffering from lack of business, you may want to consider other options of marketing. Most businesses eventually embrace mobile marketing for two main reasons. The first reason is that it’s less expensive than TV commercials or radio shows. The second reason is that mobile marketing can reach thousands of consumers worldwide. Wherever mobile connectivity exists, there is a target market for the area.

Consider the information about America’s current usage of smartphones. About 53 percent of Americans use their phones to shop and access a search engine on a daily basis. In addition, more than 75 percent of mobile users prefer mobile websites, as opposed to desktop sites. The reason is that mobile sites are better optimized for mobile browsing and shopping.

While there are companies that can design a mobile website for you, small business owners can save a ton of cash by using certain plugins on WordPress sites. Some plugins help your website become mobile optimized, which makes it easier for users to view your site on their mobile devices.

Using a site like WordPress gives you more flexibility with how you want your site to look. For instance, it’s easy to design a membership site and have it tailored for mobile viewing to get people to sign up. Moreover, using other aspects of mobile marketing can help your marketing campaigns reach a better return on investment.

Consider having a mobile application built for your product or service. Most dating sites have developed an app for their service to serve their customers better. Mobile apps can be designed for download on the Android and Apple markets. It’s easy to get your app on Android; however, you have to take extra steps to get your app approved and listed on the Apple market.

If an application is too pricey for your business to begin with, you may want to consider SMS marketing. The beauty of SMS or text messaging marketing is that you can reach people whether they have a smartphone or not. It’s easy to begin an SMS marketing campaign, but there are a few things you need to remember.

Give your customers a way to opt out of your SMS messages. Some people don’t appreciate receiving multiple SMS messages if they don’t have an unlimited service. Additionally, giving customers a chance to opt out lets them control the amount of messages they receive. Sending spam to customers is a quick way to ruin your marketing campaign.

Also, get the appropriate time of day to send messages to your customers. This can be done by asking for feedback about message delivery times. If you send customers SMS messages during the night, they’re likely to complain about your marketing practices.

Another easy option for mobile marketing is using QR codes on your site. This allows customers to scan the code and visit your offer on their mobile phone. It’s not too expensive and makes it simple to place anywhere on your site.

Take a look at some statistics online. There are predictions about cell phone purchase and mobile browsing that are bigger than the Internet users.

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