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PrestaShop Geolocation by IP address

PrestaShop supports geolocation by IP address out of the box, allowing you to tailor the shopping experience for your customers based on their location. This can include currency selection, language, and even restrictions on ordering from specific countries. Here’s how you can set up geolocation by IP address in PrestaShop:

  1. Enable Geolocation: In your PrestaShop admin panel, go to “International” > “Localization” in the left-hand menu. Then, click on “Geolocation” to access the geolocation settings.
  2. Configure Geolocation Options: In the Geolocation settings, you’ll see options to enable or disable geolocation, choose the default country, and configure how the geolocation should be used. Here, you can choose whether to set the customer’s default country based on their IP address.
  3. Enable Geolocation Restrictions: To restrict orders from specific countries based on geolocation, follow these steps:

    a. In the “Geolocation” settings page, look for the section that allows you to set up geolocation restrictions. b. You should be able to select the countries from which you want to restrict orders. This will prevent customers from those countries from placing orders.

  4. Save Changes: After configuring the geolocation settings and restrictions, be sure to save your changes.
  5. Test the Geolocation: To ensure that the geolocation settings are working correctly, you can use a VPN or proxy service to simulate different IP addresses from various countries. Visit your store and see if the currency, language, and order restrictions are being applied as expected based on the simulated IP addresses.

It’s important to note that while PrestaShop’s built-in geolocation features are useful, they might not be 100% accurate due to the nature of IP address mapping. If precise geolocation is critical to your business, you might consider using third-party services or plugins that specialize in accurate IP-based geolocation.

Always remember to backup your store’s data before making significant changes to your settings, and refer to PrestaShop’s official documentation or support resources for detailed and up-to-date information on configuring geolocation features in your specific PrestaShop version.

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