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Proper Listening In Network Marketing

Proper Listening In Network Marketing When it comes to interacting with your network, it is important to have good socializing skills. One such skill that is often overlooked by network marketers is the importance of listening. Not only the importance but also proper listening. When you take time to properly listen to your clients, you better your relationship with them and boost your reputation. This makes for a stronger network and for them to pass on how others should join your network and do business with you. Learn more about proper listening and how it works in network marketing.

There is a difference between listening and hearing. You can look like you are listening to your client, but you may only be hearing what they are saying; there may not be much thought going on if you only hear what they say. You may acknowledge that they have said something with common verbal utterances and nods, but you may not have listened to anything. If you were asked what they just said, you would most likely not be able to repeat it because you were not listening. This is not good for your client, your business, or you.

You could also have an issue if you dominate all of the conversations that you have with your client. Clients know when you are not listening because you are too busy doing all of the talking. This not only makes you seem rude, but the client cannot express what it is that they want. It will look like they can assume that you know everything. When the time comes to deliver, you will have a major issue due to talking too much and listening too little.

On the flip side, listening too intently can also give the client the wrong impression. They may see your silence as off-putting and feel like they have to check whether or not you are still listening and following them. While it’s good to listen, try not to make your client wonder if you are ignoring them.

Some people have a problem with taking any break or pause in a conversation to practically exploding at the chance to advise, correct, or probe when the client is still talking. If you are like this, you may feel as though you can’t wait for them to finish so that you can talk. This is incredibly rude and may make them rethink working with you since you had not been respectful to them.

Keep in mind that your clients generally have an idea of what they want and that any interaction with you is basically letting you know what they want. You just need to listen carefully to their needs. They will tell you what is and isn’t working, and they may provide ideas as to why.

Proper listening can really boost your network marketing efforts. It can also set you apart from your competition because you can offer specific solutions to client issues. And it is all because you took to the time to listen intently to your client’s needs.

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