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Using Facebook As a Mobile Marketing Tool

Using Facebook As a Mobile Marketing Tool Any company that wants to grow their business needs to embrace the concept of mobile marketing, as a successful tool for tapping into huge legions of Facebook fans that own smart phones.

It is one of the most important factors in growing your business. Any entrepreneur can create a strategy using Facebook to gain the attention of their loyal fan base. It is one of the more effective platforms that any medium or small business can use to garner the attention of a wider audience.

However, unless you have already begun tapping into the benefits of mobile marketing, you and your company are missing out on one of the most active gatherings of Facebook fans. Studies indicate that small and medium-sized businesses that embrace mobile marketing have seen a significant increase in gathering new business, upwards of 80% and more.

Studies indicate that individuals on Facebook rank as some of the highest percentages of individuals that have a smart phone. The study indicates that seven out of 10 individuals surveyed the have a Facebook account, also own a smart phone, and check their Facebook service more than 14 times every day.

For the advertiser, this is a gold mind that is just waiting to be harvested. These numbers were a surprise to most businesses, who did not understand that they were missing the boat on advertising in the right place.

One of the significant benefits of using Facebook as a promotional tool is in understanding you can quickly figure out the demographics of your targeted audience. The social media platform provides a huge variety of marketing tools that help the business expand their Facebook reach.

Many individuals and companies use Nearby, a feature on Facebook that offers a large assortment of recommendations based on each individual fan’s likes, tags and check-ins. One of the more powerful tools is that Facebook understands of these recommendations typically come from the Facebook fan’s best friends. Tapping into one of the fans Facebook page usually allows access into all of them.

Another factor to consider, especially if the company is interested in increasing the amount of foot traffic that is redirected to the site is to use Facebook Offers. This feature offers virtual coupons that can be used online, in-store, or both. Everyone enjoys a deal, and getting something for nothing, or getting it at a discount. As a promotional tool, the business can allow the customer to retain their coupon, simply by flashing their smart phone.

Another additional promotional tool that every business can use is Facebook’s Promoted Posts. This feature allows the company to turn every post into an ad, when it appears on a fan’s Facebook news stream.

What this does is it allows the business to get their information or message out, in front of a lot of individuals much quicker. It is a handy an effective tactic, especially if the company’s Facebook page is new to the system, and as yet to develop any type of traction.

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