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Using Mobile Marketing To Improve Your Business

Using Mobile Marketing To Improve Your Business Consumers are using their mobile devices more and more to conduct their daily business. Not only can they send emails via their phones, they can browse the web, go shopping, pay bills online, or do anything else that they normally had to do at their desktop computers. The population itself has become very mobile. No longer are people needed to be tethered to their desks to get things done.

As a marketer, you have an extraordinary opportunity in maintaining a connection with your customers. This is your chance in figuring out how you can can keep your company within their radar all the time. The more exposure you get, the more they will remember you and the better it is for your business.

One thing that you have to do is to design a website that is mobile friendly. Because the screen is so much smaller, you have to remember the display limitations. A good rule of thumb is use mostly text or small icons to to set up a clear navigation menu. If you have a full-size website already, you will need to pull the most important pieces of information from it and create a simplified, mobile-friendly page.

The advantage of mobile marketing is that you know people usually have their mobile devices in their possession at all time. They have their phones with them at work, during their commute, at their children’s soccer game, etc. That means they will likely see your messages when you send them. Now, whether they pay attention to it or not is another issue that you need to address.

When you are sending out messages to your mobile customers, do so at a time when people are most likely still awake. You may want to group your distribution lists by geographic location. Messages received during odd hours of the day tend to get ignored or deleted the next day.

People are leery of subscribing to a lot marketing messages because they do not want to be spammed. So, you have to provide them with an incentive to subscribe. Think about a reward that you can offer to your subscribers. Make it worthwhile.

People receive tons of messages everyday. To prevent your message from getting deleted without it getting looked at, make your subject line compelling. Do not just say “Great Deal!” Be specific, like “Get 30% off of all purchases today!” You will get better results if you are specific with what you are offering.

Keep your messages short. Nobody wants to read a big block of text on a small screen. Divide long blocks into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

As mentioned earlier, people are wary of messaging spams. It would be a good idea if you include an easy way to opt out at any time. You can gain more trust and followers this way.

Mobile marketing will get more and more popular. Be creative in coming up with a strategy that will give your business the boost that it needs.

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