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Ways To Build Up Your Sales Force In Your Network Marketing Program

Ways To Build Up Your Sales Force In Your Network Marketing Program Network marketing has a unique model from other marketing programs in that you can earn a percentage of the sales that your sales force, or downline, brings in. This is in addition to the sales that you make directly to the consumer. This is why so many people are drawn to this model of business. There is no limit to the amount of income you can make if you are effective in building up a big sales force.

In order to build your downline, you have to actively recruit. Start with your friends and family members. They know you, so they should have confidence that what you are saying to them is true. Put together a recruiting presentation for them where you can demonstrate your products and explain how your program works.

Do not be discouraged if there are skeptics in the audience. You are aiming for the ones who are keeping their options open. Be truthful in your presentation. Answer all questions the best you can, and if you do not have the answer, promise that you will find it over the next few days. Keep the presentation light and fun. You want people to walk away with a positive feeling about your presentation, whether or not they want to participate in it.

Besides your friends and family, you can branch out your recruiting efforts. Consider posting an ad on Craigslist for this business opportunity. You may be surprised that there will be people who will contact you for more information. Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for a second income, or for something that will give them the flexibility to grow their own business.

When you get an inquiry, respond to it right away. Answer any questions as clearly as you can, and be open about it. Set up a phone meeting with the lead. Emails can only convey so much information. For something complex, it is better to talk to the lead directly so you can explain things in more detail.

Another way to promote your recruiting efforts is through social media. Spark an interest in a few people, and watch them share and spread the news through the network. If an idea is popular, you would be amazed at how quickly this can go viral.

Consider making a Youtube video on your products and your sales program. Demonstrate the product and talk about how the program works. Interact with people who took the time to post a question or comment. You want to present yourself as someone who will support the sales force.

Offer incentives to the current sales force to recruit their own sales team. The more people in your downline, the higher your profit potential.

Stay in touch with your sales recruits and follow up on how they are doing. A periodic virtual meeting with everyone is a good way to bring them together to talk about selling strategies. Be a good leader for your team, and your recruits will do well.

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